Ksport Coilovers Review

Ksport is the leading manufacturer of aftermarket automotive suspensions. The company has over 15-years of styling and performance in producing suspensions for street applications.

The company also manufactures suspensions for applications in circuit, drag, and road racing. Moreover, Ksport produces suspensions for those trying to emulate Colin McRae. The rally suspensions are manufactured to suit different rally surfaces including asphalt and gravel.

One of the most popular Coilover systems manufactured by Ksport is the Kontrol Pro Damper System suitable for both track and street use. This Coilover system from Ksport is great for individuals looking for improved handling and response.

Ksport CHD030-KP Kontrol Pro Damper System

The Kontrol Pro Damper System is a fully adjustable Coilover by Ksport. It offers your vehicle the ultimate suspension technology for use both at the track or on the street. It improves the vehicle’s handling and response.

For those looking for a lowered stance, this Coilover allows for ride height adjustment. Depending on the application, you can lower your car’s ride height by 2″ to 4″.

To allow for the fine-tuning of the damper to suit the driver’s comfort and riding needs, the Ksport features 36 levels of damping adjustment. This also simultaneously alters the compression and rebound. Those looking to go for the track day at the local circuit will find it more effective and user-friendly when it comes to changing their car’s setup.   


Height adjustability

The Kontrol Pro offers 36 levels of damping that gives you the ability to perfectly dial in the Coilover system. For a comfortable ride, the damping can be set to full soft. Moreover, there’s an adjustable lower mount on the rear shock that aids in setting the correct shock stroke. Vehicles with this type of setup can go lower than true coilovers.

One of the most common problems with modern Coilover systems is the loss of suspension (shock and spring) travel when adjusting the ride height.

However, the Kontrol Pro Damper System comes with an adjustable lower mount to eliminate this issue. You don’t have to worry about bottoming out the shock since this allows you to set your preferred ride height.   


The components of this Coilover system are made from 6061 billet aluminum making them lightweight, resistant to rust, and durable. The spring perches, top mounts, and locking collars are made from high-quality 6061 aluminum with T6 that increases its hardness. This aluminum is lightweight and offers excellent strength to the damper system.

Superior ride quality and reliability

The Kontrol Pro uses a monotube design where oil and gas are separated within the Coilover cylinder. This design helps in the fast and even dissipation of heat making it easier to make fine damping adjustments.

The monotube design doesn’t have aeration and cavitation issues giving it a more consistent riding quality. Moreover, the damper offers superior ride quality and reliability due to the shock and strut valving that have been matched according to the spring rate.     


To protect this damper system from moisture, the steel shock bodies have been electroplated with zinc. The protection from moisture and other elements protects it from oxidation and rust that may otherwise lead to wear and tear. 

For increased protection, there’s an anti-rust paste packet that can be applied to certain key areas of this damper system.  

Pillowball top mounts

The Kontrol Pro Damper system has a patented upper pillow ball mount that gives some level of adjustability and performance. It’s also compliant with the requirement placed on high-demand strut applications.

There’s no need for a separate camber kit since the pillow ball upper mounts allow for camber adjustment. This comes in handy when dialing in your camber for vehicle alignment purposes. Besides, the pillow ball upper mounts improve the steering feel and response.

Dust boot to protect damper seal

All Coilover systems have dust boots that have been integrated with a bump stop. Unlike other coilovers, the Kontrol Pro is more efficient and less likely to deteriorate and crumble to pieces.


  • Kontrol Pro Damper Systems come with a standard 12-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects.
  • It features an electroplated body that helps protect the components from corrosion and rust.
  • It comes with an anti-rust paste packet for added protection.
  • The dust boost makes this Coilover system more efficient.
  • The components are made from 6061 billet aluminum that’s lightweight and gives the system excellent strength.
  • The adjustable lower mount eliminates shock and spring travel when adjusting the ride height.
  • The monotube design of the Coilover system that gives them a comfortable ride.


  • Some users found the installation process to be quite difficult.
  • The stiff ride of the Kontrol Pro Damper System may take some time getting used to.

Other Recommendations

The Ksport GT Pro Damper is a stronger and more rigid version of the Kontrol Pro Damper System. It features the same technology used on this Coilover system but comes with inverted front dampers.

To increase the durability of this system, the GT Pro features 45mm diameter strut shafts. The gas and oil chamber of this Coilover system is located far away from the knuckle and brake assemblies so that the inverted dampers run much cooler.

For racing fans who love drifting the Ksport Slide Control Drift Damper System is designed to handle the abuse as you drift through all the corners at the circuit. This damper system features large inverted 55mm diameter struts and steel lower mounts.

The pillowball mounts on this Coilover system also come with camber adjustment similar to that of the Kontrol Pro. Similar to the Kontrol Pro Damper System, the Slide Control Drift System allows you to lower the ride height from 2” to 4” depending on your needs.

Bottom Line

The Kontrol Pro Damper System components are made from 6061 billet aluminum that’s lighter and stronger. Racing drivers will love this on their car during track days as it helps the shave-off some weight off their car to help improve their times.

It’s easy to adjust the height with this damper without worrying about your car bottoming. Moreover, the monotube design of this system gives it a superior ride quality and makes it more reliable. 

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